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Personal Finance

Personal Finance

Personal Finance

Personal Finance

Personal Finance is a tool that lets you easily and securely view your accounts from multiple institutions in one place allowing you to develop improved insight into your full financial life.

  • Add all of your accounts from different financial institutions
  • Know your monthly spending habits
  • Make budgeting fun with bubble budgets
  • Enjoy automatic categorization of transactions
  • Pay off debts efficiently
  • Monitor your net worth
  • Save for your goals
  • Get notified when you overspend
  • And more!

Log into .communityBanking Online Personal Banking to get started today! Also available on .communityMobile downloadable apps.

Click here to view Personal Finance's Frequently Asked Questions.

How to Use Personal Finance

Getting Started with Accounts

Learn to add external accounts, change account name, account type, interest rate, and account purpose (business or personal). See all of your accounts in a single view.

Managing Transactions

You can view your transactions by account or date range, and categorize and search by keyword or amount. View all of your internal and external account transactions under the “Transactions” tab.

Understanding Your Spending

See an overview of your spending for a defined date range. You can change the date range, see your income sources, and drill down to subcategories and transactions.

Setting Up Budgets

Create custom categories, view your previous budgets, and even change the amount of money allocated for your budget. See your data on a monthly basis. 

Trends Overview

Get an overview of your spending over time. Utilize the subcategory views to see transaction details and track your income.

Eliminating Debts

Manage your personalized debt plan, project debt payoff dates, and prioritize those payoffs. You can also view balances, annual percentage rate (APR), last payment date, and minimum payments for your liability accounts.

Understanding Net Worth

See a snapshot or take a deep dive into your net worth over time and see how certain transactions affect your overall net worth.

Setting Goals

View and manage your goals in a timeline. You’ll learn to create, name, and associate a goal with an internal or external account. You can also change the goal amount, priority, and total amount available.

Setting up Alerts

Set up email notifications based on your preferences. Learn to enable, change, or disable alerts.

What is Financial Aggregation?

See how Personal Finance can provide an overview of all your accounts and help simplify your financial life.